The Company

A team of experts at your service

Our group’s strength resides in each member’s ability to learn skills and to translate them into know-how at the customer’s service.


Experience sums together each single skill. Union spawns efficiency.

area amministrativa

Administrative area

  • Management of economic and financial aspects
  • Personnel management
  • IT system management

area commerciale

Commercial area

  • Market strategies and product development
  • Organization and carrying out of sales and after sales
  • Product communication

area qualità ricerca

Quality and innovation area

  • Management of the company quality system
  • Planning of production processes
  • Design and industrialization of products

Production area

  • Management of production departments
  • Automated thermoforming machines
  • Product assembly

area logistica

Logistics area

  • Production scheduling and logistics
  • Purchasing for production of products
  • Warehouse management and goods handling

area manutenzione

Maintenance area

  • Customer service
  • Planning and management of maintenance
  • Specialized interventions

Life in the company

Skills, innovation and teamwork are at the core of a successful business process.

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