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The story of a success since 1964

Experience, professionalism and innovation: the combination of these elements has been the key to our success for over 50 years in business. The quality and reliability of ICEA make it a solid and trustworthy partner. Modern processing modalities, specialized knowledge and constant attention to development are the pillars of our company philosophy, making us competitive in both the national and international market. Always a step ahead and in constant evolution, ICEA is the ideal partner for clients who want to be prepared to face the challenges of the future.

A job can only be well done when there is the right know-how to do it.

The company

The innovation process has solid foundations.

azienda icea

Our Mission

Meeting customers’ needs while delivering total quality.

qualità totale


The quality process – applied to all the company’s systems – is capable of enhancing the product in every detail, to satisfy today’s demanding market.

spiccata flessibilità


Our company excels in expertise and experience, which allow us to detect market needs and to fulfill every type of customer request in very little time.

collaborazione flessibilità


Expertise and reliability make the company an ideal partner, able to satisfy customer needs and achieve the preset objectives thanks to personalized solutions.

rapida evasione ordini


Speed always finds the right harmony with quality in customer management and service when supported by a helping attitude, professionalism and organization.

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